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Combo Boxes will need the named ranges added to the Rowsourse properties of the listbox.

Make sure that you name the userform frm Training With the curser inside the userform push the F5 key to activate the userform. When we transfer the data from the user form completed date and the frequency this formula will calculate the due date.

Here is the code for the advanced filter that add dynamic named range will be picking up. Reg7) Then Msg Box "Completed date must be a date format" Exit Sub End If 'find the next row to add data to Set nextrow = Sheet2.

Do not forget that the when using advanced filters that you must use the same headers for the Extract Range and the Copy To range and also the Criteria range. I will do my best to try to explain this code as we go through it and may I respectfully suggest that you take the time to read my rambling comments in the hope of gaining some benefit.

More advanced participants can add them with the variations that they need. Reg7) Then Msg Box "Completed date must be a date format" Exit Sub End If 'clear the listbox lst Lookup. Offset(0, -9) 'update the values findvalue = Reg1.

This will enable a greater participation rate in this project. Row Source = "" 'find the row to edit Set findvalue = Sheet2.

No doubt you have ideas for how this could be adapted to suit your personal needs.

It is best to complete the project as I have set up before customising it to suit your own needs or the needs of your company. Because you will have a better idea of how it works and will be in a better position to change and keep its full functionality.

I would strongly recommend that you use the templates file for this project. Dynamic named range tutorial Dynamic named range tutorial 6 types To add these named ranges got to the Ribbon / Formulas / Name Manager / New and add the name in the Name box and the formula in the Refers To: box. Test the named range by selecting it the Name Manager and clicking the Refers To: box on the right hand side. We will be creating the userform with all of its controls that will be collecting the filtered database information in the Listbox for viewing. Advanced Filter Tutorial Add this code to the shape on the worksheet that you want to click and return to the interface sheet. Offset(1, 0) 'check for values in the controls If Me. Right Click and choose Assign Macro and then select the procedure below and click OK. Value = "" Then Msg Box "There is not data to edit" Exit Sub End If 'check that the date is a date If Not Is Date(Me.

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