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This request includes any form of communication, including but not limited to emails, letters, other correspondence, memos, voicemails, text messages, or notes.

​​I would like to get the service history of the Lottery machines, I am working with Lottery to develop a predictive algorithm of service of lottery machines.

This is another request for public records.​​I am writing to request access to and a copy of the April 5th letter to Gov.

Brown regarding the work environment at Business Oregon and any/all responses from the Governor's office staff.

These can be mailed directly to address or electronically via email.​ Referred to DEQ: is a formal request for copies of emails to and from Governor Kate Brown along her assistant(s) emails regarding any and all communications with governmental and non governmental agencies and individuals in reference to the Oregon gun control issue, including but not limited to campaign and other donations in pursuit of limiting and restricting the U. Second Amendment and Oregon Constitution Article 1, Sec 27 to citizens of Oregon.

The dates for the documentation requested above are to commence from the date of her first appointment as governor to present, to wit: April 8th, 2018.

Sheril Arroyo, 8/28/15 post, 8/28/15 trans, Holiday Inn Palm Beach West Palm Beach FL 0001526066, 8/27/15, 7.76. This is also a request for fee waiver, should any fees be imposed, as this information bears on the public business of the local and state governments in Oregon and will be used to inform citizens of the actions of their public officials, of their rights and responsibilities, of news and current or passing events, and for articles of opinion or features of interest to the public.This request is made in the public interest; as such I ask that all fees be waived.​​The Oregonian/Oregon Live is requesting the names and submitted applications of the 8 applicants received in 2017/18 for a position on the Oregon Transportation Commission and the 21 names and submitted applications for positions on Tri Met's Board of Directors.​​All communications (including but not limited to: e-mails, text messages, and written communications) on or after January 1, 2016 from, to, or involving ANNETTE LIEBE and containing one or more of the following names, words or phrases (in any portion of the communication, including address fields): Klamath Works; KW; Sky Lakes; Paul Stewart; Ann Cavanaugh; Jessie Du Bose; Alan Eberlein; Larry Holzgang; Jeremy Player.​​On 4/12/18 I received this email stating that Ms.Moawad forwarded my correspondence to the Governor’s CS team.I want the public record of that transfer and the records of what the CS team did with my correspondence.I also want a copy of any records prepared by Moawad’s office regarding my contact including a record of my contact with that office.

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