Expat dating hanoi

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The hundreds of bars, clubs, lounges, spas and karaokes in Hanoi range from extremely basic (4 walls and a stool) to world-class sophisticated venues.

You'll rarely pay an entrance fee for any nightclubs and the drinks are usually cheap, even in the more upmarket spots.

It is popular with a young Vietnamese crowd (mostly students) and foreigners (backpackers, tourists).

Rich vocabulary, epitomized and rare photos of Hanoi as well as Hanoian dating back to a decade ago, “Hanoi promenade” might be created by a journalist or a fiction writer, but Martin Rama is an economist.

Girls are everywhere, from young backpackers to crazy-hot Vietnamese dolls.

Just open Vietnam Cupid or Tinder and you'll have so many matches you won't be able to follow up with half of them.

For foreigners who are enchanted by the charm of Hanoi but it finds difficult to explain why, this book can help.

Hanoian themselves in spite of their shared the love of city, they would be hard-pressed to tell what exactly make Hanoi so special.

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