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‘But now I guess we would just laugh.’ The clarification that it’s a vagina fart, not a regular fart, seems to be important to a lot of people.Whenever they happen to me, I always find myself awkwardly saying ‘…that was my vagina’, just to be clear that the noise they heard wasn’t actually an embarrassing bodily function, but just a part of sex.I’ve heard queefs connected with ideas of ‘looseness’, which in turn gets connected to how much sex the person with the vagina has had. And the fact that there are people who still think vagina farts are a sign of the shape or size of someone’s vagina, or a reflection of their sex lives, is proof that we really do need to have a chat about the essence of the queef – if only so that never again will a person with a vagina have to feel ashamed of a noise their body makes during sex. First off, vagina farts are not in any way caused by having a vagina that’s larger, or looser.Oh, and so that no one will continue to spread complete nonsense about vagina farts being any indication of someone’s sexuality. It’s also nothing to do with the size of your labia.Farting Spy Videos is ready to make you horny any day any time!

‘I was in my friend’s house and she seemed to have an ability to purposely do it or something.

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