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Models communicate with F3's data mappers and the SQL helper for more complex interactions with various database engines.Other plug-ins extend the base functionality even more.But unlike Sinatra and its PHP incarnations (Fitzgerald, Limonade, Glue - to name a few), Fat-Free goes beyond just handling routes and requests.Views can be in any form, such as plain text, HTML, XML or an e-mail message.You can have a route handler that informs your visitors that your site is offline for a short period.

You can certainly apply this method in your code as part of the presentation or business logic. Notice that Fat-Free understands array dot-notation. PHP's latest stable version has its own built-in Web server.

By default, the framework file and optional plug-ins are located in the path.

Organize your directory structures any way you want.

It showcases the framework's capability and performance. Fat-Free Framework makes it easy to build entire Web sites in a jiffy.

With the same power and brevity as modern Javascript toolkits and libraries, F3 helps you write better-looking and more reliable PHP programs.

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