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Over the past dozen or so years I have been featured in the above publications in one way or another.Some of my accomplishments include sponsorships I was able to attain with persistence and hard work. Not to mention several University and College Sports Auctions to help scholarship funds.Many place their hopes that one of the supplement or clothing companies will give them a paid contract and this is a huge mistake. But, if you are good at what you do and can produce results and make a difference in people's lives, then people will pay to get the results you can offer them. The Internet road is currently the best way for marketing yourself. Show promoters, local gyms and fitness clubs are always looking for something to offer their members.You can generate regular income from everyone's favorite, personal training. Sometimes special events like gym openings or local health food store and supplement outlets will use you for special appearances for their grand opening.

How about sharing your knowledge buy writing for the many industry publications? If you have the extra funds, place an advertisement in one of the magazines.

Please note: Even if you never receive a reply from them, always conduct business like a professional, because you will get several companies who will not acknowledge you.

And in the real world of business, that's not good business! Be professional, that's how you get your hard body in the magazines. First of all, write to the publisher, or editors for each bodybuilding and fitness publication send a good color 8 x 10 picture, or two, a SASE (that's a self-addressed stamped envelope), and a profile/bio with a simple "hope" you find room for me in your fine publication. If you're lucky, and your presentation was clear and not corny, they might give you a little acknowledgment.

So, understand the road is very difficult for all unless you have no problem with stripping butt naked or doing soft porn; then you'll get all the "EXPOSURE" you want.

But, there are ways to establish yourself and make something out of all that muscle building process without stripping butt naked.

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