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Opportunity feminists were very correct to challenge that state of affairs, but they failed to challenge the status quo that kept men who had traditionally feminine interests from pursuing the lives they wanted for themselves. Warren Farrell does a wonderful job exploring how opportunity feminists broke down barriers for women, but actively upheld barriers against men.Outcome feminists are not interested in women, what they want, what they desire, what they prefer, what they are actually inclined to do: outcome feminists demand equal outcomes no matter how little women agree with them, but, and here’s the big kicker: .This rigorous program allows students to shadow physicians and participate in lectures and seminars for professional development.

While pre-med isn’t exactly a major, many universities offer a track that’ll prepare you for med school.Women are essentially using medical school as an elite dating service, so they can marry partners who can afford to keep them at home while their children are small.This, by the way, is a financial luxury fully 84% of women surveyed by Forbes Magazine aspired to: to be at home with their children and not stuck in a cubicle working for man. Half of all women doctors work either part time or not at all.It’s one of the great ironies of feminism: by accepting, uncritically, that whatever men do is automatically better than what women do, and that if women don’t do the men things, women are inferior, feminists feminists supported.Opportunity feminists wanted women who genuinely wanted to study quantum physics to have the opportunity to do so, and there is no denying that for a significant part of our history, those rare women faced a battle to do so.

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