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You can learn re Structured Text syntax with the re ST quickstart.

Please note that Nikola does not support encodings other than UTF-8.

A smaller software stack implies less security risk.

If you create a site using (for example) Word Press, what happens when Word Press releases a new version? That is not optional, because of security and support issues.

On the other hand, Nikola sites will tend to be content-heavy.

What Nikola is good at is at putting what you write out there.

If I release a new version of Nikola, and you don't update, happens.

It only means all that HTML is generated already before being uploaded. If you want to know more, this manual will always be here for you. IF YOU NEED TO READ IT I FAILED, JUST USE THE THING.On the other hand, if anything about Nikola is not as obvious as it should be, by all means tell me about it :-) Nikola is a static website and blog generator.You can control what markup compiler is used for each file extension with the .Translated posts can have different values for this field, and the correct one will be used.

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