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Plus, he shares Linda's religious background, which is important to her.

Michelle Hartfiel 29, Queensland, Australia, eight-month relationship, used The Strategy: Don't rush meeting in person, then do hurry the date.

After a few months, a guy named Shannon contacted her. ) for two weeks, and he seemed like "a complete gentleman." When they finally met in person, they were already in sync. The Guy: Shannon, her soon-to-be live-in BF, is sweet and considerate, with values similar to hers.

"We have an understanding of each other," she says. "No-shows, rude ones, egotistical ones, supercute ones, not-so-supercute ones." One Sunday morning—date 30, coincidentally—Lillian met a guy for coffee.

But to avoid spending all your time clicking aimlessly or going on dates you feel like running (screaming) from, you need a game plan.

These five enterprising, and ultimately triumphant, mate seekers were willing to share theirs.

Check out their proven online dating tips for sparking love—one of which might just lead you to your own real-world relationship.

If your friends are no longer setting you up, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. (Check out these tips for taking a perfect pic every time).

The Process: Michelle chose this location-based dating app—which lets you set up a date right then and there (say you're at a café and a possible match is there too)—because it had the most local users.

But she wanted to take things slow, so she waited two weeks before meeting someone in person.

The Process: After a string of awful online dates, Amy took a clever route to improving her own profile, creating several fake male profiles so she could see how the women who came up most often in search results presented themselves.

What she found (and copied): Popular women showed some skin in their photos (shoulders or a bit of cleavage) and kept their "About Me" sections short.

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