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it’s like we’re back in school again.”Todoroki said, “It feels like a family reunion.” (Social media fic, counting down the five months to Class 1-A's ten year reunion.) Class 1-A are referred to as Class 3-A throughout this fic.

I decided to go with last names (with a few exceptions, like Toshinori and Inko), just because I’m mention a lot of characters and it’s easiest for me to keep track of. Three years later, they emerged as experienced and powerful heroes, ready to lead Japan into a new age of heroism. EARPHONE JACK: This is why you got that nice introduction.

its not updated much anymore but the history is still there and all the old photos and videos are Gold 12,530 notes Tagged: #sometimes they’ll upload if they get together again #but otherwise the account is pretty quiet #even still #the high school photos give me life #heroes #class 3-a TRANSCRIPT OF THE EARPHONE JACK RADIO SHOW.[..]EARPHONE JACK: Welcome back, listeners. Midoriya ran around the living room looking for his mouthguard and inhaling plain toast, so Todoroki scooped up Barkugou and headed to the balcony.

He handed the tea to Todoroki, who took it and blew on it. His costume’s bulky armour took up too much space on their narrow balcony, but Todoroki leant forward, into Midoriya’s space. Vulnerable declarations were difficult for him, even after all these years. Midoriya stooped to plant kisses along Todoroki’s hairline.“Me neither,” Midoriya admitted. 5k likes Hide replies^yallmight - 3 years ago DEKU YOU FUCKxelayy - 3 years ago I’m suing for emotional distress210 likessophistryandsophisms - 3 years agowe should’ve known it was him tbh distortedecho - 9 months ago Why doesn’t Polarise use his fire side until the end? And they’re teenage boys, maybe this is the hero version of flirting?

300 likesflowersmakeitreal - 5 months agoi’m kinkshaming1k likesintearsaboutrobots - 8 months ago Polarise has mentioned that Deku was the one that made him ‘see his powers as they are’ and Deku has said that the sports festival was ‘the first time they really saw each other’ so I guess this was the beginning of something beautiful2k likes You always follow the rules, and look down on people who break them.

He’d grown past that.“I’d come for you,” Midoriya said. I’ve known since we were fucking four years old that you’d always be there, running to check up on me.”Midoriya nodded, and they shared another moment of quiet.

“If someone managed to grab you, I wouldn’t stop until—”“Are you stupid? Bakugou hunched his shoulders, and focussed on Barkugou’s fur, a dark blonde in the dim nighttime.“In my dream,” Bakugou began, “you won, just like All Might did.

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