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But it did my heart proud to see Candice putting it to good, deep, wet use. So she'd done at least two guys from online; "Jim Dandy" and the guy in the picture. Her jaw really had to open wide; she moaned, more from the surprise of knowing a cock could be this thick. Honestly, the only action I know it's seen has been the couple of times I brought it to rendezvous with chicks I'd first met on the Internet. FLOWERSWEET: NOPE ANOTHER ONE That too was an intersting revelation. "Fuck baby yeah," I groaned instinctively watching my cock disappear into her mouth. I laid back, stretching my legs together, and we both eyed up the massive bulge in my lap. The next exchange literally revised my whole outlook on life. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW DELICIOUSLY SEXY I THINK YOU ARE FLOWERSWEET: I NEVER KNEW THAT!!!! "Let me see it know," she purred, crawling onto the floor. This could have been unbelievable risky too, if I'd just stopped to think about it (with the OTHER head, which is SUPPOSED to be the boss), I mean just think of the personal damage that would come out if anyone knew about this . I watched her face, her eyes, for her reaction, and frankly she didn't take her eyes off of my cock.

We do not tolerate rude behavior, we want to offer everyone a great time while on our chat rooms. You have to know Candice (and, right now, I'm sure you're wishing you did). She always wears loose, baggy sweatshirts or blouses, nothing form-fitting ever, she has thick-rimmed glasses, keeps her hair pulled back behind her head. Then I put Candice's account on the site's equivalent of a Buddy list -- her name was "Flower Sweet" -- isn't that nice? I mean, I was on it all afternoon and late nights, every spare moment I could. there was a photo the guy took looking down at her ass and back, as she kneeled in front of him, taking his PENIS into her CUNT (or ass, hard to tell) from the rear. I was kind of getting tired of the head game, however, and with my cock absolulely throbbing in my pants, I went for it. I rotated my ass slowly meeting her pace, and as a few minutes passed, she had virtually all of my cock deep in her mouth and even penetrating her throat briefly each time her head bounced down. Ok, it's not just that I found on my computer Candice's nude pics of her fucking herself on my bed. I created my own account on the website (it's free, thank god) -- "1Hung Guy" -- ok not the world's most creative, but what's in a name. 1HUNGGUY: YOU HAVE GOT TO BE THE HOTTEST GIRL I'VE MET ONLINE. It was a whole new world with this different Candice. Candice slurped on my penis, making loud suckling noises, her head and pulled-back hair bobbing up and down on my in slow, intense rhythms.I couldnt believe I was staring at a picture on my computer of my 18 year old babysitter's naked pussy. It was the second of the fifteen pictures that I'd opened. Working out of the house helps, but Candice has been making good money playing pseudo-mom for an hour or two each day, or for a few hours when I have to go out too. But she's never once hit on me; never wore anything tight; this is kinda a big step, going from baggy sweats to nudity. I pulled up Candice's secret stash of emails from her onlnie lovers, and there were about 15 messages. (Months ago I'd given her unfettered access to it -- probably, in hindsight, a FUCKING BRILLIANT thing to do.) Just carried on, taking care of my 7 year old boy and 4 year old girl. (DUH -- think about it.) It was a Thursday night, about pm, kids asleep upstairs and wifey out of town (again). She was in a general lounge room, not saying anything in the general chat. FLOWERSWEET: YEAH I AM 1HUNGGUY: I LOVE THAT YOU'RE 18, THATS THE PERFECT AGE FOR A FEMALE, I BET YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE SEXY FLOWERSWEET: HERE'S MY PIC And I about had a heart attack. AND IT LOOKS LIKE SOME GUY HAD A GOOD TIME WITH YOU IN A MOTEL ROOM, AM I RIGHT? Leaning back behind my desk in my home office, maximized on my monitor, was a picture of Candice lying on her back nude with her legs spread, and a perfectly shaved, glistening pink pussy pointed at the camera. The first pic, ME, had a nice smiling photo of her sitting on the bed wearing a bra and panties. (Ok, "have to go out" means, have somewhere else to be, you know, get it? Once a year I have a brilliant insight, and this was that time. All were from males, and about 10 of them had guys sending their pics. My visitations to the website slowed appreciably, more from disgust than anything else. Things were boring, I was actually in another brower window surfing a sports page when -- boing -- an alarm sounded and the software said "Flower Sweet Has Logged On." My heart was going thump-thump-thump. I let 10 minutes go buy, and started to think about what I should say. Her profile was thin -- just said she was in the categories of "female," 18-25 years old, single, and "adventurous." It was hard thinking of an opening line that didn't give away I knew stuff about her, but I had a very good idea of what I wanted to do. She attached to her message one photo of herself wearing just a thong, leaning back on a hotel bed. FLOWERSWEET: YUP 1HUNGGUY: I LOVE GIRLS YOUR AGE WHO FUCK GUYS MY AGE.

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