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Miller enjoys being able to see and hear about people making their own memories at Hometown.

As general manager for Hometown, Mitchell Rosen draws on a wealth of experience working in such New York culinary institutions as the Grand Central Oyster Bar, City Crab and Bubby's.

Islanders in the Caribbean have worn the hook bracelet for centuries.

It has been adopted as a symbol of unity and love for islanders living in the Caribbean.

We specialize in authentic, pit-smoked meats prepared in the classic Southern technique of smoking on oak wood.

We also incorporate a variety of flavor profiles that represent our local communities.

So depending on your luck or love, you can wear the bracelet or ring either way you wish.

The Meat Falls apart on eating as it should, it is both intensely peppery and slightly sweet.

Since first learning to smoke meat as a youngster during visits to his grandparents' cabin in rural Pennsylvania, Billy has spent years obsessing over his barbecue, traveling around the United States and abroad perfecting his techniques. We're doing it in Brooklyn, and I'm very proud to be part of that community.”Billy can be found making the rounds at Hometown every night, stopping at every table to check on his guests. "That's the reason I work 80 hours a week."" After almost 20 years in the security and private protection field, during which he kept a close eye on some of the country's most public figures, Brooklyn native Billy Durney has fulfilled a longtime dream by taking the helm as pitmaster and owner at Hometown Bar-B-Que.

Their wives would wear the hook down with the open end of the hook pointed away from their heart, down their out stretched arms sending love and faith as they waved good bye to their men embarking on a long and dangerous journey on the high seas.

When the men were due to return and their ship was spotted their wives would turn the hook up toward their heart symbolizing the safe return of their men from the dangers of the Caribbean.

One of the most accurate accounts of folklore that I have encountered while traveling throughout the Caribbean was when the men of a village would set out to sea.

The men would leave to fish or deliver goods to other islands sometimes for weeks on end in order to make a living for their families.

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