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We are not sure if he would make it yet but we hope he survives any infection from his wounds and he could return back to his duty post. S Navy Seals because of the secretive nature of his job, we want you to keep our correspondence with you confidential.

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If they are coming home from overseas on emergency leave, from a Combat Zone, as a lot of the scammer’s are saying, they would not have to pay to come home.

He has been flown to a Military hospital in the United Kingdom.

It is normal protocol that we must inform Major Aaron Perez family the situation of things here.

Most of these fake profiles have several things that should stick out: 1. If they ask for items(care packages) they ask for you to send them to overseas addresses that are not affiliated with the Military, Nigeria etc.

They will have very few friends on the profile, of which most will be women or other fake profiles. Most of the posts will be short sentences, with broken English and misspelled words. They will not have many photos, and the uniform name tapes may not match the profile name. Military members almost always have other friends on their profile that are also Military, these fakes will not have any. The forms they are sending to these people are very convincing, especially if you are not familiar with the military and the way leave works.

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