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Foucault and the “new criminologists” gave rise to a new dogma that saw rehabilitation as “a case of good intentions corrupted for sinister purposes.” After that point, scholars spent little time studying how to make rehabilitation better.According to Cullen (2005), they were “in fact cheering for showing that treatment programs did not work.”Instead, these reformers wanted to set clear sentencing guidelines and legal protections that would be codified in legal statutes.

Rather, he wondered if crime itself is an inevitable outcome of society.An example is that, when set at 400, it took us 2 1/2 hours to cook a tri tip.I had to buy an oven thermometer to reset the oven thermostat.He called it “an unexamined assumption” that is “about to lose its privileged status as the unthinking axiom of public policy.” In 1975, he went on 60 Minutes and reiterated this message.Cullen says Martinson’s work was soon after “reified,” creating a widely accepted “nothing works doctrine” (Cullen 2005).

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    The incidents with Hyatt Gun Shop and American Spirit Arms are certainly not isolated and will likely continue as government and business merge their agendas, especially as it pertains to our government sponsored banking system, which has a stranglehold over American businesses.

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