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“Ambassadors” at the activity centres will chat with young people and, in the words of the government document, “help them make positive and healthy lifestyle choices that will help them achieve their goals and improve their well-being.”The novel approach reflects emerging ideas about drug education.

Public-health educators are grappling with the best way to connect with Canada’s young people, who are among the world’s most avid pot smokers.

The tender document says the campaigns could also include a “game, contest or other evidence-based activities to encourage young people to attend the events and participate in the program” and enlist the help of social media celebrities, bloggers or other “relevant influencers.” The campaign will be promoted on “communications channels that are popular and that appeal to youth.” Hello, social media.

The key messages to be delivered are set out in the tender document: “Like alcohol, cannabis is not without risks.

The younger cannabis use starts and the more it is used, the higher the health risks.

In one recent survey commissioned by Health Canada, 40 per cent of teenagers aged 13 to 18 said one of the reasons they used cannabis was to relieve stress and anxiety.

The travelling activity show is being created by Inventa, a Vancouver marketing agency that won a bid to create two national “experiential” campaigns for youths aged 13 to 17 and for those 18 to 24.

Know the health and safety risks of cannabis.”Officials at Inventa refused to comment, referring questions to Health Canada, which provided a summary.

Marketing campaigns created by Inventa include an event for Nintendo Switch, a Coca-Cola Olympic torch relay and a Wii U launch tour, according to the company website.

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