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These lovely Las Vegas party girls charge a modest amount to give you the best odds of scoring.

Having beautiful women around you is appealing to other ladies as well and will make your attempt to court them in the nightclub much easier.

Again, you’re bringing a girl back — no need for a super-nice suite.

(3) It’s connected to New York/New York, MGM, and Luxor by walkways.

You’ll run through those bottles fast if it’s a group of guys or you stay very long, as girls will also come up to flirt in exchange for a shot here or there. I’m always looking for better advice, but here’s my experience from the Strip while also saving money: Go Monday-to-Monday @ Excalibur. In non-holiday-oriented days, aside from Fri & Saturday, booked in advance, you’re talking *or less* a night *after* all their crazy fees — Out the Door!

Las Vegas is a combination of reality and hype, depending on how much money you have in your bank account. It’s not too hard meeting girls playing blackjack, a social game that breeds a lot of interaction among your fellow players. Then you shift the conversation to what she is doing later in the night. DRESS Please do not show up with khaki’s and a button down shirt.

If you’re loaded then you can come and stay at the luxury hotel, buy tables in the hottest clubs, and indulge in whatever strip club you choose, but otherwise it’s not the easiest place in the world to get laid. Las Vegas is a good place to come if you have a good amount of money to drop, but I don’t recommend it overall because you will just be counting on getting a one night stand in a placer that is probably the shallowest place on Earth. If you need tips on how to approach girls in Las Vegas, specifically opening lines and conversational pieces to keep things going while building attraction, check out my book Bang, which goes on for pages on how to approach and keep the interaction going. LOGISTICS Logistics are perhaps the most overlooked when making arrangements to party and stay in Vegas. Every girl makes the attempt to wear and look their best.

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