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“Prepared demo charges to create a man-made avalanche.Everything will be discussed in the debriefing, dismissed.” Brox watched the rest of the Lance go, then his eyes fixed on the sim pod that was still closed. ” “The Shadow Hawk wasn’t a computer opponent,” he stated in the deep electronic tones of his artificial voice box. “Don’t worry, you’ll have the pleasure of meeting the pilot at the debriefing.” Debriefing Room, GDI Compound Port Krin, Antallos The air was filled with a low din as the forty-one members of 1st Mech Battalion, GDI Foreign Legion sat in their assigned seats in the gently tiered room.More of the same machine could be made, but the skill and experience of the pilot was lost forever.So they would at least wait for the guy to get out or be cut out of the Mech before blasting it apart.

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Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.The eighty five ton machine fell forward with a thunderous crash, and, just like that, the entire Lance was stalled… The Command Lance retaliated as one, but they had to be sure of their targets, allowing the enemy to escape again with minimal damage and only one mission-kill on a Wasp that had lost its entire right arm, reducing its armament to only its SRM launcher.Brox cursed at the sight of the downed Battle Master, it had fallen right where the valley was narrowest and there was no room for any of the Mechs to walk to either side.It was a rather curious reversal of standard Inner Sphere thinking, where Mechs were rare and irreplaceable while the pilot inside was nothing more than cannon fodder.Brox had read an interesting article by a Motherlode scientist that had posited that Mech design as it existed today was intentionally made as such to ensure that a Mechwarrior was killed long before the Mech itself attained irreparable damage; why else would a cockpit be practically unarmored (according to Motherlode sensibilities at least) and mounted on top of the Mech chassis, or placed center mass in the torso, whereas the more logical thing to do would be to practically bury the pilot in the center of the Mech behind the thickest armor plates and use cameras, sensors and neurohelmet for vision.

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