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I'd like to believe the latter, but the Elitists still have a bit of explaining to do regarding why so often obviously eligible members are simply unaware of the existence of the private elitist forum and have not been invited to the cliquey social club.

Welcome to our reviews of the frum jewish dating (also known as history of dating violence).

I'd imagine the Elitists are piping mad that the private elitist forum was discovered in spite of their deceptions and in spite of their best efforts to keep it secret such that time and again members whom the Elitists try to exclude keep on finding out about the private elitist forum and gain membership.

Or are the Elitists actually mad their deceptions didn't work, and are actually happy that members whom they inadvertently excluded from their private elitist forum are able to find out about it and gain membership?

So in short ----- you were approved mamish the next morning my time, if you did not get the email it seems that was your servers fault as apparently you did not get my gmails either.

I have not had any problem with my gmail or even with confirmation emails.

:::: I have been asked by the mod at frumarieds to post a few responces to some of the posts here since she is not a member here. I activate new members at least once a day."I still haven't had my questionnaire from that site despite having emailed them a reminder.""It's now almost two hours since I filled in your registration formand I have still not received any email with a questionnaire.

If you can also cut and paste to me the error message you has anyone here had problems with gmail as I use it too.I think it is very wrong to post what I wrote to her in a private email, on here. So the time delay (mistaken or not) was my only gripe,...until now. And I will post here what frumarrieds mod has asked me to.I would never ever reproduce a private email on here on on any other forum. And now I have tried emailing her (I was trying to say OK..bygones be bygones) but I keep getting this error message"Can't send to '[email protected]'. Again this is not my opinion though I do openly think it is a great site and from what I have seen she is a superb mod and runs one of the best forums (besides of course) --------------- My apoligies I meant to cross out your username, with ----- I think one of them must have slipped.I remain dedicated to making frumarrieds the best forum for frum married women who want to discuss all types of subjects from the controversial to intimate discussions and a host of other subjects. So her post saying she should stay up all night approving people is patently absurd. If you do, maybe it isn't MY server that's at fault."But why on earth is this mod taking her (hopefully private) dispute with me onto a public forum?The emails from me quoted were directly to her, I did not post them on a public forum. Um I'm not going to keep on doing but for what it's worth I like frumarrieds and I think it is a great site.

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