Frustrated dating video

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You and your average dick are doomed to end dry and lonely! To be honest, my dick is maybe about 1 cm longer than the national average.And even if it would be a few centimeters shorter than the national average I wouldn’t have any reason to sing the blues.As long as you don’t harm anyone, you have the right to experience your sexuality the way you want to experience it.Stop suppressing your sexual desires and find out what women really want in bed (Warning: It’s sexist as hell!

To be honest, I wouldn’t have overcome my sexual guilt without Hypnotica’s powerful hypnosis. Tell me all the kinky stuff that is in your brain that you wouldn’t even tell your best friend.

The promise to get relief with just a mouse click can easily lead to a life of quiet desperation.

Porn has the power to suck your motivation to meet women in real life.

However, just because you are living in a state of sexual frustration, doesn’t mean that you can’t change this state.

The first step towards solving a problem is to become aware of the causes.

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