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Rebecca also has to deal with Jesse's recent climb to stardom as he tours Japan with his band for the first half of the season. The credits for the adult actors (Stamos, Saget, Coulier, and Loughlin) was filmed on location in San Francisco. The last scene features the twins (credited at the end, for this season only, see Recurring) playing with Jesse in the living room.The sequence ends with Danny, Jesse, and Joey hanging out at Fisherman's Wharf and fades to the family having a picnic on Alamo Square, which would be seen throughout the remainder of the series.After school, Stephanie finally gives in and tells Jesse, who calls the city and has the boy put into a foster home away from his father.Stephanie feels guilty at first about the boy being separated from his father, but then she realizes that telling an adult was the right thing to do, and starts to appreciates her own father.He comes to her house to work on it and Stephanie finds out that his father physically abuses him, but she is sworn to secrecy.The next day, he is not at school, and Stephanie is worried.It turns out to be a get-together with the boy's baseball team, and Stephanie is embarrassed because she dressed up.Meanwhile, Joey has a crush on his boss at the radio station, so Jesse sets up a date for them.

Jesse and Joey choose her, but the last person to audition is clearly better than Michelle, so Jesse and Joey pick them and Michelle is infuriated. Stephanie wants badly to get her ears pierced, but Danny will not let her until she is 13 (the age D. Stephanie "goes out" with a friend, thinking that it is an actual date.The long-running closing sequence of using shots from the opening sequence is discontinued in favor of using stills from that day's episode (teaser included) and bottom aligning the credits; following the theme song credits, the remaining credits are changed to have the header left-aligned and the name right-aligned.In addition, the copyright date is changed from Roman numerals to regular numerals, and the Lorimar Television logo changes the byline to "A Time Warner Entertainment Company". However, instead of having all five EP credits at the end of an episode, Warren's and Rinsler's credits are seen at the end of the intro, preceding Franklin's creator credit.But it turns out to be a disaster when Stephanie and Michelle care for a neighbor's pig, Nicky has a cold, Joey gets rollerblade injuries, and Becky gets a new weekend job. Meanwhile, Danny feels intimidated when he finds out Vicki is older and stronger than him.When Jesse is sent to Walt Disney World, he brings Becky for their anniversary, however, the Tanners get to go too.

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