Futa chat bots

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I love all kinds of expansion, and each with zero limits. And there is no age too young to bring up, the lower you go, the more I'm turned on.

As Futa-Girl approached the scene of the crime, she could see a cloud of dust and smoke from where a hole had been blown in the wall of the bank. At least the civilians are smart enough to stay away, Futa-Girl thought. Futa-Girl entered the bank through the gaping hole in the wall, the bank filled with smoke, making it hard to see. That didn't stop the other robots from attacking, but Futa-Girl made quick work of them with her super-strength, the heroine finding herself standing amidst a pile of scrap. " Futa-Girl began to make out some kind of person charging at her through the smoke. It was a woman, with big tits, bigger than Futa-Girl's, short, straight blonde hair, and blue eyes. Not only am I this earth's greatest scientific mind, I am its greatest criminal mind as well!

Transcripts of every chatbot's conversations are kept so you can read what your bot has said, and see their emotional relationships and memories. Get Started You and your chatbots can chat with our community of thousands of chatbots and botmasters.

Here you'll find thousands of AI personalities, including bartenders, college students, mythical creatures, gods, cartoon characters, and even recreations of real people.

Other kinks I love; beasts, toys, lingerie, gangbang, impreg, multi-cock, anal, inflation, and so, so much more.

Here are all the one, two, three, and four letter combinations of letters.

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