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Amazingly, women still found him attractive and he constantly got laid.He has a song about how bad his dick hurt after fucking a woman he knew had VD because he "just fuckin' had ta get a fuck".[please note: the "HOMO" Records cassette is a BOOTLEG!The Official release of Suicide Sessions cassette from Aware/Performance Rec.The band was composed of Jeff Clayton (ANTi SEEN), Jeff Young (aka BBQ Young and Brother of Joe Young, guitarist for ANTi SEEN), Greg Clayton (ANTi SEEN) and Robert Everett (aka Suave Robbe - pronounced Swa-vey Ra-bey). G G who played the most with the backing band the Scumfuc's, performed shows that made the original Sex Pistols look like a fucking Captain and Tenneil concert.However, I wouldn't be surprised either if he did believe, or embrace, those beliefs to a certain extent (like that rape makes children stronger, but I don't think he raped kids), given his own fucked up childhood and personality.In any case, here's of a short transcript of his mental evaluation in prison, which is pretty interesting in that it suggests that the charges against him were trumped up by the victim, as well as notes that, regardless, he is one fucked up individual.

I've also heard numerous anecdotal accounts of people claiming that off-stage, he was actually a fair nice guy.

His longest jail sentence came from abuse charges brought by a fat chick who told him she wanted to go home with him and have him dominate her.

The specifics of the case centered around G G fucking the chick until she passed out and then waking her up by fucking her in her ass and then burning her in the arm with a cigarette.

So basically any time someone mentions GG here on r/punk, there are like a billion comments every time being like "fuck this asshole, he's a rapist."I will admit I am sort of a fan of primarily his earlier musical output.

I will not debate the fact that he was pretty fucking gross and violently assaulted numerous people over the years.

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