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that’s really my name): Let me begin off by saying that the ONLY reason I wanted to read this book was the protagonists name... This is what we long for, that companionship and unconditional love, and I love the Noely gets that in the end with her ere are so a lot of reasons I love this book. Readers will also connect with this heroine for her desire to search love, true love, the kind of love that makes you look at your partner of 20 years with baby spit on their sweatpants and think he/she is the most attractive person you have ever seen, because it is what most readers want.

The dialogue was one of my favorite parts of this story which in my opinion means a lot because well you have to have amazing dialogue on dates. Meghan Quinn has become one of my favorite writers over the latest two years.Yes and No, I know it’s vague, but I feel that you need to go into this blind and experience each man as you meet them.But I will say that the chosen one is the one who fits her perfectly When Three Blind Dates was announced I was quite curious as to how Ms. I kept saying “I wonder who I’ll end up with.” And I gotta tell you, Meghan Quinn, you must be in my head because you did NOT disappoint!! The quirkiness, the romance, the entertainment of it. We wish them to obtain their HEAs as well, because Ms. Thank goodness she plans to ely is reminiscint of the heroine from her Virgin Romance Novelist novel. I didn’t know who you would have her/me end up with, but I gotta tell you....... Even as it becomes clear towards the end of the novel who the champion of Noely’s heart will be, readers will still be invested in the other two heroes.

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