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In 2015 the German Ministry of Finance had the bonds sold at auction, with the proceeds going to the Nazi Crimes Compensation Fund.They are remarkable and historic items of Nazi German economic history.The American Open Currency Standard (AOCS) and the closely related Mulligan Mint of Texas were libertarian oriented firms that encouraged alternative local monetary systems based on gold, silver and copper.The creators of the AOCS decided to open their own mint, called the Mulligan Mint.The red and black "Beneficiary share" certificate measures approximately 8.5" x 12.5" (22x32cm) and comes with an attached sheet with 16 remaining coupons. Beneficiary shares received dividends upon presentation of the coupons attached to the certificate.The Kilo-Moto mines were gold mines located in the north-east corner of what was then Belgian Congo and is now Zaire.the name was later shortened to Ynysybwl Co-op Society, Ltd.

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The 1935 issue bear, the Reich’s eagle from the Weimar Republic, the 1936 have the Nazi Eagle & Swastika emblem.

It opened in 2012 and declared bankruptcy and closed in 2013 after a nasty dispute between two founders, the mysterious disappearance 71,473 ounces of silver and multiple lawsuits.

We have a selection of different of 1 avoirdupois ounce copper American Open Currency Standard medallions which were produced by AOCS or Mulligan Mint during its short-lived existence.

After the collapse of the Mulligan Mint numerous Chinese firms began to copy and sell medallions using the original bitcoin design.

Though they are no longer a 1-ounce copper medallion, do not have AOCS approval nor meet AOCS standards, the medallions bear the legends " on the other.

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