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1 I Like It Here (Saturday August 19th 1967, 9.00-9.55pm). "A family film magazine with excerpts from current films, fashion, gossip, music and interviews with the stars." First producer was Eric Fawcett. From about April 29th 1956, it was hosted by Mc Donald Hobley.Peter Noble presented excerpts from current releases. By the next month it had been shortened to 45 minutes and shown in the Saturday night 10pm slot.Eddie Kebbell now producer again Aug 17th- The Shiralee, Love in the Afternoon, The Wayward Bus Aug 24th- host: Franklin Englemann with clips from The Abominable Snowman, The Seventh Sin, Hell Drivers Sept 7th- Peter West introduces: Silk Stockings, Saint Joan, Operation Mad Ball Sept 15th (new slot Sundays 11.05pm - midnight, acc to TV Times probably incorrectly) New host: John Fraser.Clips included No Time for Tear, and Manuela Sept 22nd (11.05-11.30pm)- Action of the Tiger, Story of Esther Costello, The Vicious Circle.Note: Gerry Le Grove had previously in 1958 made Saturday Limelight, clips of songs, described as "a filmed disc jockey show" menu of ITV film shows Box Office ABC's second series about feature films was shown on Sunday nights 10.30-11pm, commencing in April 1957, introduced by Peter West. , Davy Crockett and the River Pirates Apr 28th- Their Secret Affair, Doctor At Large, The Tattered Dress May 12th- Time Without Pity, 10,000 Bedrooms, Guns of Fort Petticoat, Man Afraid May 26th- The Wings of Eagles, Drango, Funny Face June 2nd- Stampeded, That Woman Opposite, The Oklahoman, The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown, The Steel Bayonet June 9th- Designing Woman, Valerie, Boy On A Dolphin, Shadow on the Window June 22nd (new timing Saturday 11.35- midnight)- The Unholy Wife, The Way To The Gold, The Tommy Steele Story June 29th- This Could be The Night, The River's Edge. New director: Eddie Kebbell July 6th- Carry On Admiral, The Vintage, The Happy Road, China Gate July 13th- Something of Value, How To Murder a Rich Uncle, The Lonely Man, The Woman and the Hunter."Presented in co-operation with all the companies in the film industry." Certainly they were usually ahead of the competition in showing the first clips on tv of some films. Peter West returned, Fulford Brown producer July 20th- The Admirable Crichton, Let's Be Happy, The Bachelor Party, Monkey On My Back Aug 3rd- The Teahouse of the August Moon, Sweet Smell of Success, Miracle in Soho, Heaven Knows Mr Allison Aug 10th- Beau James, 3.10 to Yuma, The Brothers Rico.In fact seven programmes has already been taped, so where did they all go to? Director: Tom Clegg 2.26 Society v Education (Apr 12th 1964) Director: Ted Childs Third series on early Sunday afternoons was titled 'The Law is Yours,' hosted by Jack de Manio. Haunted (ABC) A young philosophy lecturer at a new Midands University, Michael West (Patrick Mower), investigates the supernatural. With Avis Bunnage (Margaret Rowley), Jack Woolgar, Ronald Lacey, Charles Lloyd Pack. Across the years a chill wind strums its tragic echo of the past. The story of Marjorie, whose ghost haunts an empty house. Why should anyone be terrified of a Chinese girl in Kew Gardens? "News and scenes from popular films." TV Times did not indicate the content.

The experiment must have proved some sort of success, since Sunday adult education programmes continued for many years. The series is believed Wiped, yet as it survived some months being passed round the regions, maybe, somewhere lies a copy...? Or did it mean something, sonething special, this strange disquieting dream? Portrait of a Star with ABC providing the main magazine on films, in May 1956 ATV resorted to profiles of individual stars, hosted by old friend John Fitzgerald. Film Fanfare (ABC) Sundays 2.45-3.45pm from February 19th 1956.

Director: Ronald Marriott Frank Sinatra (Feb 4th) incl Never So Few Wild Animals (Feb 11th) incl Lords of the Forest, Serengeti, White Wilderness British Comedy (Feb 18th) incl Two Way Stretch, Please Turn Over Trevor Howard (Feb 25th) incl Moment of Danger Rita Hayworth (Mar 3rd) incl Story on Page One John Mills (Mar 10th) an interview, incl Summer of the Seventeenth Doll. June 4th 1963 6.13pm Bruce Lewis at the Bath Festival with the Italian films: The Barber of Seville, Bitter Rice, and Accattone. In 1965, this series was simply billed as Movie Magazine. Director: Terence de Lacey Ditto until the final edition noted on Nov 1st 1965, and also these special editions: Jan 25th 1965- including Guns of Diabolo, Tiger of the Seven Seas, Hootennanny Hoot, Nikki Wild Dog of the North Feb 22nd- Mechanical Heroines, incl scenes from The Train, The Fast Lady, The Iron Maiden, Oh Mr Porter!

Director: Cyril Butcher New Faces (Mar 17th) director: John Frankau Pier Angeli (Mar 24th) incl The Angry Silence, director: Tania Lieven Royal Command Performances (Mar 31st) scenes from The Last Angry Man, and interviews with the stars, plus other Royal Performance films Betty Box (Apr 7th) incl Conspiracy of Hearts. (Apr 14th) extracts from all the films of the series Stanley Donen (Apr 21st) incl Once More With Feeling Jack Hawkins (Apr 28th) incl League of Gentlemen George Sanders (May 5th) incl The Last Voyage Martha Hyer (May 12th) incl The Big Fisherman, director John Mc Fadin Bernard Lee (May 19th) incl Cone of Silence Cops and Robbers (May 26th) incl Hell is a City John Huston (June 9th) interviewed in his Ireland home, incl The Unforgiven Young Stars (June 16th) incl James Mac Arthur in Kidnapped Terry-Thomas (June 23rd) interview and scenes from Make Mine Mink Close Up took a summer break. Excerpts from Five Miles to Midnight, The Wrong Arm of the Law, and Sink the Bismark. , The Titfield Thunderbolt menu of ITV film shows ......... The first programme hosted by Bamber Gascoigne was scheduled for Tuesday July 14th at 7pm.

Muriel Young interviews Aldo Ray, clips from The Siege of Pinchgut Gino Lollobrigida (Oct 22nd) with Neville Barker. It is also said that Tony Hancock provided an interview for one programme.

Clips from Solomon and Sheba Eve Marie Saint (Oct 29th)- clips from North by Northwest Michael Craig (Nov 5th)- including a sequence from Upstairs and Downstairs Eddie Constantine (Nov 12th)- films include scenes from SOS Pacific Debbie Reynolds (Nov 26th)- incl It Started With a Kiss William Holden (Dec 3rd)- incl The Horse Soldiers Kenneth More (Dec 10th)- incl North West Frontier Gregory Peck (Dec 17th)- incl On The Beach Herbert Lom (Dec 24th)- incl Third Man on the Mountain Carol Reed (Dec 31st)- incl Our Man in Havana Tommy Steele (Jan 7th 1960)- "in the studio" incl Tommy The Toreador Charlton Heston (Jan 14th) incl Ben Hur, The Big Country, and The Wreck of the Mary Deare Mitzi Gaynor (Jan 21st) incl Happy Anniversary James Mason) Jan 28th) incl A Touch of Larceny. Sept 27th 1963, 6.13pm introduced by Nick Barker, incl clips from The Running Man, Tamahine. TWW's Junior Movie Magazine was networked to a few regional stations It was introduced by Bruce Lewis' son Peter Lewis. It was about current films and included Bruce's movie quiz, in essence a test of observation.

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