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When the guy strips down to his boxer briefs, we find out that he has hairy legs and a slightly furry chest. Wanna hang out at my place and watch some lesbian porn?

After Bobby starts up a porn video, the guy jerks off and shoots a big load all over his stomach. ” But then again, most guys aren’t the legendary Bobby Garcia! But more importantly, he knows how straight men think.

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This guy is clearly straight and could easily be a porn star, and all Bobby had to do was ask…

The last moments of an event that Bobby didn’t manage to capture on cam?

Next the footage cuts to a new scene filmed with the same guy, and this one starts as usual.

It”s crazy that so many marines were willing to do this kind of thing, but that”s what happens when you put thousands of marines together in one place and then tell them that sex isn”t allowed!

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