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When she was pregnant, she came back to Lebanon and got separated from Nasr.Nasr and his mother did not allow Haifa to have any contact with her daughter.

Abu also sued a newspaper that published a rumor about the separation.

Abu announced that the separation was smooth and there was no infidelity or other marital problems that caused the separation and said that he would sue anyone who spread rumors about the separation.

Haifa said that she did not get separated from him and stated that Abu and she would be together and the bond is strong. It was said that Haifa has a trend of getting married to wealthy people and get a huge amount of money as alimony. She then got engaged to Jafali who gave her 4 million dollars as a dowry to marry him and also presented her with a lot of diamonds and gold ornaments. Later, she married Ahmad, who gave her 20 million dollars as dowry and promised to give her double the amount, if she gets separated from him.

Lebanese singer and actress Haifa Wehbe along with Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Deepika Padukone are among the World's 30 Most Beautiful Women of 2014 in a poll conducted by the website Hollywoodbuzz.

The following are the names in the complete list: 1.

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