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These stories that are finally being listened to, there’s a sense of justice to that. It's been so hard lately, and I think sometimes femininity is seen as a negative thing, like it's frivolous.

For so long, women in the workforce were implicitly asked to act like men if they wanted to be taken seriously.

After completing her education, she began her career as reporter/producer at WCNC-TV in Charlotte in 1992.

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We luckily had Anita Hill doing good work, but she was attacked and discredited.But on the other hand, you can't be I don’t seriously believe in witchcraft. This was just among my friends and I who got together.Still, a witch, to me, just seems like a person who’s powerful. "Rollergirl made Graham a star and led to countless roles as sexually liberated women that have required Graham, now 48, to do two things: look beautiful and be happy. I've played a prostitute and a stripper and a porn star," Graham told ), make a pact to demand more from their sex lives and stop dating men who treat them badly.Graham spoke to I started writing the script about seven years ago. I had some girlfriends who I’d get together with regularly, and we'd make wishes for things.

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