His size was intimidating

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Intimidating Quality: Meanness, defense For a little guy, Gary Payton was pretty physical, and for a guy as popular as he was, he was surprisingly mean on the court.

There are endless stories of Payton being one of the biggest trash-talkers in the league.

Intimidation plays a big role in basketball, and it's a very overlooked quality in the NBA, so I took a look and found the most intimidating players in league history.

Intimidating Quality: Insanity, meanness Reggie Evans isn't a guy that is going to be remembered for his ability to play basketball well, although he can rebound as well as any other big guy in the game.

Intimidating Quality: Size Just imagine if you were to see this guy walking around town.

Odds are that you would just sit and stare against your better judgment with your mouth agape.

Yeah, it's safe to say that you were never sure what this guy was going to do.Usually, it is the defensive monsters that are the intimidating players, and it's quite hard to be an intimidating player using only an offensive game, but it is possible.Some qualities that make a player intimidating include that physical presence that we've already talked about, unpredictability, size, shot-blocking, confidence, meanness, ability to take over a game, utter dominance and, most importantly, insanity. You could be a decent player, but if you're legitimately insane, then it gives you another dimension.I would say that's enough to say that a single player is crazy enough to make the guy defending him wonder every now and then what he might do to him if he gets into "fan punching" mode again.Intimidating Quality: Size, physicality Look at Bob Lanier as an old man.

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