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Colors for everyday wear tended to be muted colors and brighter (for the time period) colors were reserved for Sunday services or evening wear.Many times characters were depicted doing something to show you what the outfit was designed for. it was shown with a model with a broom in her hand.I'd really love to find a 1940's military style dress pattern with a hat. Dating old sewing patterns isn't as easy as just looking on the pattern envelope...although thankfully in the later years most companies did decide on printing the year on the envelope.When dating a sewing pattern that does not have a year on the envelope, you'll want to consider a few things: The price of a pattern then, like today, would vary based upon an elaborate pattern verse a normal pattern.Printed patterns (pattern pieces with printed edges) were more expensive than unprinted patterns.

Keeping that in mind, you can still get a rough idea of the era based upon price and then use further assessments to narrow it down father.50 cent patterns were in the 1950's.Early 1950's elaborate patterns, such as coats, suit sets etc.were 50 cents, while in the late 50's this became common price for all patterns.The only fashionable items that were not under restriction were wedding gowns and infant clothing. Because we were all in support of our troops in the war, we put the effort in on the home front as well. If you took to the farming fields, women found that denim trousers were a must.Some women took over the factory jobs that the men held previously, thus companies (and sewing patterns! It became acceptable for women to wear these things if they were doing such dirty jobs.

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