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My husband, Ed, is thirty-five years old and works as an editor for a book publishing house in New York City, and he always tells me how pretty and sexy I am.

I am trim and fit from frequent workouts at the gym, and I have full and firm DD-cup breasts that look big for my small frame.

Our fantasies continued and even intensified over the next couple of months, and then when it was time for us to plan our next vacation, it wasn’t hard for me to convince Ed to take us to Jamaica.

Although, I still had no reason to believe that Ed would want to follow through on any of our fantasies.

I met my guy on the second day there, and then we fucked for the next five days, at least three times a day.

Those guys really seem to have stamina and know how to please a woman.”I was shocked at what Janet was telling me, but then managed to say, “Weren’t you worried about getting diseases? ”Janet then continued, “I was at first concerned about the risk of catching a disease and insisted on him wearing a condom the first time we fucked.

He wanted to hear all the juicy details and seemed to really get turned on when I described those big, black cocks and heavy, hanging balls.

We then started including black men in our fantasies, and he liked it when I sat on his face feeding him his own cum, while saying that I had just been fucked by a black man.

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That wasn’t a problem for me since his cock was long and thick and he could pound me for hours, and I had huge, multiple orgasms every time we fucked.”We continued our lunch and Janet told me many more specifics about her experiences in Jamaica.I decided to tell Ed about my conversation with Janet, just to see if it sparked any interest in him.That night when Ed and I were in bed, I told him all about Janet’s experiences in Jamaica, and I was surprised to see how excited he was about it.Ed and I have a decent love life, but his dick is only five inches long and thin, and he usually sucks my pussy to orgasm after he shoots his load of cum in me.We have been doing a little role play in the last couple of years, and both of us like to fantasize about other men fucking me.

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