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Woman C: Usually how I am being made to feel, both emotionally and physically, and who it is that's making it happen.

As it gets more intense, I focus on the actual act of being fucked.

Are there any other fantasies you draw on regularly?

Woman A: I have a fantasy of being pushed up against a wall (à la Anastasia Steele in the elevator) and then being carried to my bed and just having someone completely satisfy me.

It was more of a self-image fantasy than anything else. Gory movies turn me on, especially when they involve badass women fighting to the death. I once fantasized about my roommate and his friend, both of whom I despise, having their way with me, and then slowly killing them afterward.

Do your fantasies tend to be more about who you're doing, what you're doing, who you are, or something else?

Woman A: They usually revolve around what people are doing to me.

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It's the idea of being that person that gets me off as much as anything that is being done to me.I used to write out big, long fantasies so I could work myself up and read them back, but now that just seems like effort.Woman D: In general, my fantasies are about the role I'm playing. In the Georgia Dome on the 50-yard line, while the Dirty Birds kick for t'ree? Woman C: Usually being degraded by a man and made to fuck him, not unwillingly but reluctantly.In the club, in the DJ booth, in the back of the V. Not out of fear or lack of desire, but usually from self-shame of my own desires.

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