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Profiles can show off your body, your personality and your interests, your profile is your marketing tool that will help you meet other guys.

To be sure that your profile is approved without a problem, please read the Site Rules & Policies for more about what is and what is not allowed in profiles.

Our team must read each profile to maintain the quality and integrity and security of Adam4Adam and our members.

Back to group To update your profile just click link, then you may enter the first three characters of your home town, or select the area where you would like your profile to reside.

You must select the most local are presented in the list in order to continue. Once your final choice displays, be sure to click the CONTINUE HERE button at the top to save your changes.

Once you click Continue here, your profile will appear in the area you have chosen.

Then enter the email address that you signed up with and click; "Reset my password".To be able to login and stay logged in, your browser must allow Cookies.If you've tried everything and you still can't login or if you keep getting logged out, it almost certainly means that your browser is not accepting cookies, cookies are disabled or there is another setting or program that is causing cookies to either be denied or deleted.Back to group To browse/view members in other cities click CHANGE CITY on the left menu then just choose the city or area that you'd like to view.Note: Changing your city view does NOT change your HOME LOCATION.

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