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It makes you annoyed to think what is the root cause here.

If you faced similar issue in your Visual Studio IDE and unable to bring back the beloved intellisense menu, here is the solution for you.

So went out to find ways to disable this feature since I have another intellisense (you know right? Here are some ways to disable this feature in VS2005…

😐 Sometimes I do wonder, didn’t they test this at all ?

To solve the problem you can add an Exception processes to Security Essentials, which makes MSE not to monitor behaviour of those processes.

This is a common issue that the developer faces after the productivity plugin license expires or the developer uninstalls to install a new set of tool.

Then the developer stars breaking the head to identify what’s the issue with the tool/plugin which caused the issue.

If I close the file and re-open it, Intelli Sense again works as expected.

If i had to make a guess, I think it usually happens after their are some errors in the file, like the parsing of the file fails and then never recovers, even after the errors are fixed.(I'm using VS2010, Resharper 6.1)Anyone else experience this?

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