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Squirrel Hunting — How to Do it There are two ways to catch squirrels.One way is to run around and try to grab them or pounce on them—but in so doing you’ll only scare them away, and they’ll run faster than you do every time.In a bar, the odds increase that you’ll find someone with a drinking problem and no life.Instead, find regularly scheduled activities where you can meet and talk to like-minded people, getting to know them a bit before you decide to date them.Dating successfully is an organized process that will take some time.It begins with carefully looking for the right people in the right places.It will take a while, but if you are very relaxed and quiet, they will begin to get curious, and soon they will begin to check you out.If you stay relaxed and let them get to know that get to know you are safe and you have goodies, and before too long they’ll be all over you, and eating out of your hand. Success is guaranteed, if you have a little patience.

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Once you find it, the people you want to meet will be there. What about the theater, the arts, politics, photography, science, bridge, books, gardening, computers, crossword puzzles, model (or full-scale) airplanes or boating? If you follow your own interests, you’ll automatically meet people you can have fun with, and who have something in common.

If you’re attending a class, concentrate on the lesson or the activity, and don’t worry about dating for the moment.

• At a party, talk to anyone who seems easy to approach.

In terms of dating, this means having a good time wherever you are, and making yourself comfortable.

Relax, talk to some people who seem easy to meet (whether you’d like to date them isn’t important—they can be the wrong age, the wrong gender, etc.) Focus on enjoying whatever is there to enjoy.

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