Ibs dating

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It’s also unclear whether men avoid notifying their doctors of their condition.

More research needs to be done on this disorder and how it affects men and women.

I know many people would probably tell me to just mention it to the guy and make a joke of it.

I can do that and I'm sure he'd be fine with it.

Symptoms can be constant, but for most people they come and go in cycles, occurring at least three days per month.

Many women with IBS say their symptoms vary according to their menstrual cycles.

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Therefore, data about gender-specific symptoms is lacking.The gas, however, still causes my some really embarrassing problems, especially when it comes to dating.I don't often meet guys I'm attracted to but recently did meet one.I would totally understand if a guy found that disgusting.I guess I'd just like to hear from other people who have this same problem.

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