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Imagine yourself surrounded by lemon and tiger sharks as far as the eye can see; amidst a gorgeous backdrop of crystal blue water and powder white sand, all in less than 20 feet of water.

This unique shark trip is cage-less, and designed for shark enthusiasts and photographers with advanced diving experience.

From majestic wreck dives to vibrant coral systems and everything in between, there’s a site for every level of diver to enjoy.At depth, temperatures commonly range from 50-60 degrees. Experience excellent shore diving right from your front door with diving is as easy as you want it to be.80°F water, 80-foot visibility, very little current, and over 80 dive sites.Items to look for include: Flamingo, a sunken houseboat, an old USMC dump truck, an original rock crusher, a 50’s firetruck, and the tricycle graveyard.There are abundant freshwater game fish like blue gill, bass and paddlefish...

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