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The program has specific social media monitoring tools that show you what your child posts on both their own wall and their friends’ walls, as well as videos they watch and images they see.

You can also monitor their friends’ social media accounts, and if they post anything inappropriate you don’t want your child see, you can step in and block them.

It also allows you to disable chat and instant messaging features on these types of sites – when you do, your kids can visit the webpages but can’t talk with anyone while there.

Surfie has 18 filter categories, so you can instantly block sites about topics such as pornography, violence, suicide or drugs.

Surfie lets you tag keywords and phrases, such as “don’t tell” and “home alone,” and if someone sends them to your child through email or instant message, the program notifies you so you can stop the conversation.

This feature can also be used in reverse, so you can block your child from sharing personal information such as their full name, birthdate or address.

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These tools let you block when your kids can be online so they can focus on getting chores or homework done and aren’t up late browsing the internet.

How We Tested We downloaded each monitoring program onto several test computers, both in our on-site lab and on our personal devices at our homes.

This gave us a good idea of how each program works in real-life settings.

Content Barrier, however, is specifically designed for Mac computers and laptops, so it is much more powerful and effective at monitoring your kids’ online activity.

Content Barrier lets you block access to websites based on content by selecting categories such as gambling, sex, alcohol and racism.

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