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If you're sending your credit card or other sensitive information, Miliefsky suggests making sure that the recipient will be standing by the fax machine ready to receive it and immediately confirm its arrival. Postal Service provides good protection of your information. However, once the mail reaches its destination, "You're really at the mercy of the policies that that institution has," he said.Also, make sure any confirmation printouts containing sensitive information -- either on the sending or receiving end -- are destroyed. "There are extensive laws that are quite explicit about the fact that intercepting U. Secure websites Risk level: medium You'll know you're at a secure website because your Web browser will display "https" in the location or URL bar.Companies such as Wickr and Silent Circle have added encryption technology to text messages and also include a message self-destruct feature, so they don't stay permanently on the recipient's end.Encrypted email Risk level: low Though unsecured email is one of the worst ways to transmit sensitive information, you can eliminate a lot of risk by adding email encryption technology. Any mail plug-in that utilizes PGP (which stands for Pretty Good Privacy) will add a level of security by scrambling the information in transit until your intended recipient unlocks it with a security key.The comments posted below are not provided, reviewed or approved by any company mentioned in our editorial content.Additionally, any companies mentioned in the content do not assume responsibility to ensure that all posts and/or questions are answered.

"It's kind of like sending a postcard, put on the side of a mail truck, as opposed to sending a (sealed) letter," said Will Ackerly, co-founder of Virtru and a former NSA Internet security architect.If sending sensitive information, consider using a document storage site such as Dropbox, or, which allows you to send confidential information that self-destructs.The catch involved in using these sites again is "weak endpoints," said Miliefsky, which means you can be on the most secure site over a secure Internet connection and still have someone literally watching your keystrokes via spyware. Keep your malware protection up to date, and stay vigilant.If either phone ends up in the wrong hands and the text message has not been deleted, it could pose a problem.New technologies can make text messages more secure.

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