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A partner might have been in the habit of leaving his or her laptop lying around or phone unlocked, but suddenly these devices are hidden away or protected.

The victim may have known their partner’s email and social media passwords, only to find that these passwords have been changed.

Internet infidelity is a very addicting behavior that can destroy your marriage quickly. Keep in mind they have to want to change their behavior so that you are able to trust them again.

Do they understand how it began, became a problem in the first place and what they did was such a problem to you?

This could mean that these interactions have already become inappropriate or that an individual has become emotionally involved and feels guilty about the feelings that have developed.

The start of an affair will also mean a greater need to keep laptops, phones and other devices inaccessible.

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But one particularly difficult hurdle following online infidelity can be the acknowledgement of the affair and the acceptance of blame.

It can mean one of several things, all of which you are doing without your current partner's knowledge or consent.

1) You are using the internet to find people to hook up with in person.2) You are engaging in non-contact sexual activity with people on the internet by using chat sites, internet cameras (to mutually view masturbation), and phone sex.3) Some people would consider watching porn online as infidelity.4) Developing and nurturing an "emotional affair" with someone online. In fact infidelity is more painful because someone deliberately using deception to violate establish expectations within a relationship.

They have to totally accept what they have done and take ownership for the damage they have caused.

Get your partner to come to an agreement about this issue and hold up to their end of the deal.

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