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w=300" data-large-file=" Interracial marriage has grown in the United States over the past few decades, and polls show that most Americans are accepting of mixed-race relationships.- Opponents of gay marriage painted homosexuals as perverts in the 2008 campaign to outlaw the institution in California, one of several ways in which the forces behind Proposition 8 leaned heavily on history in making their arguments, a court in San Francisco heard today. - A Louisiana justice of the peace who refused to marry a couple because the bride was white and groom was black resigned today, after weeks of refusing to step down despite calls for his ouster. Bobby Jindal and other Louisiana officials say a justice of the peace who refuses to marry interracial couples should lose his job.Keith Bardwell quit with no explanation of his decision; Gov. "This is a clear violation of constitutional rights and federal and state law," Jindal said, calling for Keith Bardwell's case to be referred to a...De Blasio’s wife is black, and his children interracial, a fact made clear in campaign ads and mailings.

- Edith Hill, 96, and Eddie Harrison, 95, are thrilled to have found each other. magazine Q and A with Michael Bloomberg is making headlines all on its own.

In the second experiment, the researchers showed 19 undergraduate students wedding and engagement photos of 200 interracial and same-race couples while recording their neural activity.

The researchers asked the students to quickly indicate whether each couple should be included in a future study on relationships, a task that was intended to ensure participants were socially evaluating the couples while their neural activity was recorded.

“That indicates that viewing images of interracial couples evokes disgust at a neural level,” Skinner said.

As with all neuroscience studies, Skinner said, it is impossible to be certain whether the insula activation reflected a disgust response, since the insula is sometimes responsive to other emotions.

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