Intimidating entrance music

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The teachers are personable, and quick to share about their own experiences.They encouraged me to run with my own ideas and see what would happen; they got excited about my designs, which gave me the confidence to do my best and be more creative.I am so thankful I had such a great experience at Lakeland and I hope future students do as well. The smaller setting Lakeland offers, is very conducive to learning.It's less intimidating than the larger universities and allows for more class interactions and discussions I have loved my experience at Lakeland.Call us toll-free at 1 8 Or, direct dial to the campus you want to reach: Vermilion is 7 Lloydminster is 7 If you have the phone number of the person you want to talk to, press 1, then their extension number (the last four digits of their phone number).Don't see what you're looking for and want to send us a message?It’s a place where you can feel comfortable asking questions and where everyone has a place and fits in.At the beginning of my first year, I was really stressed out as I felt I had no artistic ability.

You get an understanding of what it’s like to be out in industry or on a farm making decisions that count.

I think that I have and I am really grateful for that I feel the professors at Lakeland actually prepared me for the profession.

It’s impossible to be just a number here when there are 12 students in all of your classes.

Lakeland College was a learning environment unlike any other school.

It allows students to learn beyond the classroom, and staff and faculty genuinely want to see students succeed.

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