Invalidating a european patent

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Neither eligible to vote in electionsnor eligible to stand for electionare judges who have been seconded to another court for more than three months, who have been on leave for more than three months or who have been seconded to an administrative authority.(3) The electionshall be direct and secret.The persons receiving the most votes shall be deemed elected.Section17a(2) If the recourse taken is inadmissible, the court shall declare this proprio motu after hearing the parties and shall at the same time refer the legal dispute to the competent court of admissible recourse.If several courts are competent, the dispute shall be referred to the court to be selected by the plaintiff or applicant or, if no selectionis made, to the court designated by the referring court.3295)table of contents Section1Sections2 to 9(repealed)table of contents Under the supervision of a judge, trainee jurists (Referendare) may handle requests for mutual judicial assistance and, except in criminal matters, hear participants in the proceedings, take evidence and conduct the oral hearing.Trainee jurists shall not be authorised to order administration of an oath or to administer an oath.table of contents Section12Section13Section13a Section14Section15(repealed)table of contents Extraordinary courts shall not be allowed.

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Third Title Local Courtstable of contents(1) The Local Courts (Amtsgerichte) shall be presided over by judges sitting alone.(3) Responsibility for general supervision of service may be transferred by the Land agency for the administration of justice to the president of the superior Regional Court.No one may be removed from the jurisdiction of his lawful judge.table of contents(1) Once an action has been brought before a court, the admissibility of such recourse shall not be affected by any subsequent change in the circumstances upon which it is founded.The matter may not be brought before another court by any party while it is pending.It shall make these arrangements prior to the beginning of the business year for the latter’s duration.The president shall determine which judicial duties he shall perform.

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