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He was a good person, and we are proud of him.” Aultz, 31, originally of Port Orchard, Wash., died Jan. Aultz spent 12 years trying to keep the peace in hot spots such as Kosovo, Bosnia and Iraq, where he was on his second tour. Barnett, 27, of Mineral City, Ohio, sustained severe wounds Feb. He graduated from high school in 2000 and was assigned to Fort Hood.

“You know I am just trying to do the best I can and keep people as safe as I can,” Tamra Aultz recalled him saying. “I’m proud of my son,” said his mother, Michele Barnett. He did what a lot of us would never have enough guts to do, and he did it well.” Barnett signed up to join the Navy and went in right after graduation.

“He was awesome, he was the coolest kid,” she said. He was a 1998 high school graduate and was assigned to Fort Hood.

“He was very happy, very outgoing, never could sit still for a minute.” Ernesto Rodriguez remembered ARMY SGT. APUAN as a fun-loving prankster and avid skateboarder who could always cheer up his comrades. As a freshman, Apuan was a member of the Air Force Junior ROTC program; as a senior, he was on the track team.

“Corey died defending a country he believed in,” said his aunt, Lorri Kirker. “He spent four years on the aircraft carrier USS George Washington and said he’d seen enough ocean,” said his father, David Barnett.

“He will be truly missed by his family and friends.” ARMY SGT. Six months after getting out of the Navy, Jeremy went into the Army.

“He always, always put everybody in a good mood,” Rodriguez said. He was a bright person, brought you up when you were down. Apuan also played soccer in the High Noon Soccer League. “If you touched him with your feet, he would completely freak out.” Armstrong, 21, of Zanesville, Ohio, died Feb. He was a 2003 high school graduate and was assigned to Schofield Barracks. The Army is the best worst thing I’ve ever done.” Armstrong was addicted to macaroni and cheese and had a particular penchant for Velveeta. AULTZ fell in love with Germany, and with a German woman, whom he married.

Apuan also is survived by his father and stepmother, Charles and Martha Apuan; and his mother, Sandra Apuan. He loved animals, including his dogs Bo, Razor and Gage. He was very happy in Germany, very happy with his family. “He was a wonderful kid, very kind,” said Nicole Williams, who remembers walking to junior high school with him. His heart was donated to a 51-year-old person in Europe.“He’s one of the most noble, ethical people I knew.” Biggers, 22, of Beavercreek, Ohio, died Feb.24 in an Indiana medical center after being in a coma.Former wrestling coach Eric Mackey remembers ARMY CAPT. BELSER JR.’s smile as he came off the mat a champion, having defeated an opponent who’d beaten him the year before. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Jacksonville State University in 2001 and was assigned to Fort Riley. The size and physical skill that earned Belser his championship in 1997 as a senior weren’t evident in the small boy who joined the team as a ninth-grader, Mackey said.“That’s the happiest I’ve ever seen anyone in my life,” Mackey said. But he had excelled in the classroom and in the band room playing tenor sax, and he’d excel on the mat, too. BERRY’s pastor, Bruce Hays, shared some of his family’s and friends’ memories. David Johnson said of Berry, who in 2005 received the highest peacetime medal that a soldier can get, for rescuing a motorist from a burning vehicle. He was well-respected by everybody.” He worked as a lab technician for Farrar Corp.

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