Is julia allison still dating andrew phone dating in los angeles

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In December she began dating Jack Mc Cain, the son of Senator John Mc Cain, and apparently met the Mc Cains a few days ago.Shortly after New Year, the legal letters began flying.Even though this one didn't get into JA, it simply explained to readers what had happened, it got shut down within two days.Oh, another thing -- the original JA reblogger, the one who did Reblogging Julia on tumblr, also got a cease and desist letter from PB.In 2008 she appeared on the cover of Wired, which dubbed her “Internet famous.” We caught up with Allison, now 31, to talk about her Bravo reality show “Miss Advised” (about three so-called relationship experts trying to find love), and more. I had a column my senior year, and I’ve had one ever since. I probably should have gone into therapy years ago. “Miss Advised” is on Bravo on Monday nights at 9 p.m.

During her yearlong contract with Sony, Allison repeatedly praised Apple (AAPL)'s Mac products even though she was being paid to promote Sony's Vaio laptops.

They shut us down without warning, then finally we got a form e-mail simply stating that blogs targeting individuals violated their TOS. Then, within a day or two, the e-mail from Peter Baugher showed up, with the attached letter to [recipient redacted].

We immediately started up another WP blog, almost as an experiment to see what was going on.

Allison's primary target was the Word Press blog "Reblogging Non Society," which exhaustively dissected Allison's every move in tones ranging from mere sarcasm to vindictive delight.

Allison told BNET in an email: To the best of my knowledge, the cease and desist was sent to the email addresses listed on the blog, as well as one other individual whom a private investigator turned up as one of the authors of Reblogging Non Society.

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