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Chanelle’s maternal grandfather was a jockey and her father kept racehorses – Chanelle once rode one of them to win at the Galway Festival.

But for her, riding was never going to be more than a hobby.

His wife Chanelle talks to Catherine O’Brien about infertility, injuries, her own flourishing businesses – and why he needs her more than she needs him Seconds after I cross the threshold, Chanelle is leading me through the photographic gallery that captures some of her husband’s finest career moments – the Cheltenham Gold Cup wins, his Grand National triumph, the presentation of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award.'I go into the office and people are asking my opinion, we are achieving targets and creating jobs, and if AP and I happen to have had a massive argument that morning, I am not sitting at home feeling crushed,' said Chanelle Chanelle is looking exquisite in a Parosh top and Amanda Wakeley skirt and I wonder momentarily whether she has just returned from a yummy-mummy lunch, but then she excuses herself to deal with an urgent email and I am reminded that she has two businesses to run.Chanelle’s main job is as director of Chanelle Medical, a pharmaceutical company with 350 employees and an £80 million annual turnover., revealing her romance-ending email sent him spiralling into a depression he's still coming to terms with.The Billionaire hitmaker admits he was madly in love with the pop star and even gave her a promise ring after vowing to spend the rest of his life with the singer - but his drug issues and the couple's separate career successes brought the two year love affair crashing to a halt.

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