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All that means is that the Italian language has had a strong history of adaptation.Italian is currently spoken by 60M speakers, making it official languages of the following countries; Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City and Western Istria (in Slovakia).Many people when they get started learning languages struggle to find interactive ways to learn the language. Picking up a new language and trying to learn in an interactive away can boost your motivation and persistence when you get started.This isn’t your fault, naturally when you learn, the default ways to learn appear. There are many different ways you could start learning about Italian culture too.Knowing all about how to deal with situations like an Italian can provide you with such a strong barracks of useful knowledge for your journey.

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Our non-profit organization oversees Italian-language groups in 3 cities, totaling over 6,000 members.

Portate uno o piu' amici e le vostre storie da raccontare! There is no participation fee, and the event is cash bar.

La partecipazione è gratis, e la consumazione è opzionale ma consigliata. Grazie, Riccardo & Walter ** Want to connect on Facebook? Welcome to ITALIAN CHAT, a place for Italian-language enthusiasts!

There are various fun and interactive ways to acquire Italian as your second or even third language, whether you are looking to pick up a few pieces of vocabulary or dive deep with the grammar.

The Italian language derives from Latin and is known as a romance language.

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