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But you don't want to delete things that still have a useful life after the add-in is gone: if a list or website created by your App Installed handler is still going to be used, don't delete it in your App Uninstalling handler.The App Upgraded event runs immediately after Share Point has finished everything that it needs to do when the add-in is updated to a new version, but before the user is notified that updating is complete.Your add-in can handle the following list item events.To change the events that the remote event receiver handles, open Solution Explorer, open the Properties window for the remote event receiver, expand the Share Point Events node, and then set only the events that you want to handle to True.

Some examples of what a handler for this event can do: For detailed instructions about creating add-in event handlers, see Create an add-in event receiver in Share Point Add-ins.Add-in events are also handled by remote web services, but they are configured differently in the add-in package from list and list item RERs, so they are treated as a separate category of component.For an add-in event, the remote web service is registered in the add-in manifest, not in an add-in web feature.Share Point cannot delete these things, or move them to the recycle bin, because it doesn't know about them, at least not as components of the add-in.It is usually a good practice to remove these things.

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