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If the problematic 51 years are added to Thiele's date of 931 BC, one arrives at 982 BC for Solomon's demise and the Division of the Kingdom.

Given that Thiele's treatment (apart from the 51 problematic Assyrian years) is valid, this gives a maximum error of 6 years in the 976 BC date derived above.

The Monarchy And Temple Destruction There is another way to check the date of the commencement of the Temple construction.

The total time from the start of Solomon's Temple to the time of its destruction by Nebuchadnezzar can be calculated as [1012 - 586] = 426 years.

There in Babylon as a captive, the prophet Ezekiel in 4:1-5 records that Israel's idolatry had lasted 390 years from the kingdom division unto the fall of Jerusalem.

This period may thus be asserted as [40 40 4 426] = 510 years. He states from his studies that there was a resultant 510 years for the inception of the Monarchy to the Temple destruction (see 'The Vineyard', July 1991, p.3). Sabbatic Years Kept After The Exile There is indeed a post-Exile recorded succession of such years.

On the Jewish calendar these years ran from Tishri to Tishri, which corresponds to our Sept/Oct.

These records state, for example, that the years 163/162 BC, 135/134 BC, and 37/36 BC were all Sabbatic Years (see W. Filmer 'The Chronology Of The Reign Of Herod The Great', in Journal of Theological Studies, Vol. However, as the Hebrew prophets pointed out, there had been a consistent failure to observe the Sabbatic Year succession prior to the Exile.

This Scriptural conundrum is solved when all the relevant statements are examined.

The book of Acts provides us with the first of these clues. From this, one may deduce that an added full 3 years of Solomon's reign, plus 32 years under Joshua, plus 40 years in the wilderness totals 573 years from the Exodus to the beginning of the Temple construction.

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