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It was more or less love at first sight when John and Emily first met, and they started dating in 2008.

The couple tied the knot two years later, then welcomed their first child, daughter Hazel, in 2014, and their second daughter Violet in July 2016.

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They began dating in 2008, became engaged a year later and were married in 2010. Then, standing side by side against the backdrop of some unidentified, cozy room (the mood lighting of which makes for a hilariously appropriate ambience, given the subject matter), the couple launches their sales pitch."Hi! Another take, they decided, made them "sound like cops." And yet another features Krasinski's celebrity "ship" moniker for himself and his wife: "Krunt." Blunt, unsurprisingly, had a few less-than-enthusiastic things to say about that.I'm Emily Blunt," the actor begins with an exaggerated wave to the camera, "and this is my husband, John Krasinski." Krasinski offers an enthusiastic thumbs up before chiming in: "And we want to go on a double date with you." Over the course of almost two minutes, Blunt and Krasinski amp up the allure as they film a handful of takes, each in an attempt to convince fans that, as far as double dates go, they're the best couple for the job. The sweet parody video (and the lofty grand prize that accompanies it) was borne out of Blunt and Krasinski's partnership with Omaze, an online fundraising platform.They're by Stella Mc Cartney and we love the chunky frame and marbled tortoiseshell effect.The shape is super flattering, and ever the green queen, Stella's specs are made using natural and renewable resources.

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